THE eThekwini Municipality plans on implementing water-shedding as its way forward to addressing the current water crisis gripping South Africa. It is understood the municipality’s water department will tomorrow host a press briefing which will include a schedule, akin to the load-shedding schedule.

The move will see the water being turned off every two days for six hours. That is according to uMhlanga water councillor, Heinz de Boer.

“There are a number of concerns with the proposed plan. Firstly, as I understand it from senior members of the water department, any area that shares the same water line as a mall or industry will not be shed. This will cause uneven shedding and isn’t fair on residents.

“Another concern is this method has proven damaging to infrastructure and will lead to burst pipes, as it has in the north of the city. By switching the water on and off, it will put pressure on the system. As a party we are not opposed to water saving, but this plan is half-baked, unclear and unfair,” he said.

De Boer added that Durban North councillor, Shaun Ryley, and himself had voted against this whole policy of water restrictors and water-shedding in council.

Source: Brace for water shedding, warns councillor | Northglen News