***The technological innovation aims to solve water shortage – humanity’s biggest problem that affects a billion people worldwide – using energy that is wasted by thermoelectric power plants and is equivalent to 8 times the world’s renewable energy.

Crystal Lagoons has developed a new water desalination technology to deal with humanity’s biggest problem, the shortage of potable fresh water. This desalination breakthrough remarkably uses no energy. Water shortage is a problem that affects over a billion people worldwide. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, this number will grow to almost two billion by 2025.

With the aim of alleviating water shortage, Crystal Lagoons – the multinational innovation company that is disrupting the world’s markets in areas such as industrial applications, real estate and public spaces – plans to set up pilot plants in several locations around the world. The project’s viability and enormous potential is due to the way it uses warm water that industrial facilities and power plants would otherwise discard or return to the sea.

To offer an idea of the effectiveness of this technology, it’s estimated that if it were applied in the 17 thermoelectric power plants currently installed in Northern Chile, they could generate potable water in a similar volume to Chile’s entire consumption, without using additional energy and at very low costs.

It must be stressed that Crystal Lagoons’ technology has already been patented in the United States via the Green Fast Track program, which gives preference to granting patents to technologies that have a high ecological impact and environmental contribution.

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Fernando Fischmann, biochemist, has developed a disruptive technology to produce water without using energy.

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