Last week hacking collective Anonymous making good on its promise and went after African government websites, busting open a rather large number of private and government-owned domains.

It seems as though the group isn’t done with South Africa just yet, as it has continued its Operation Africa (#OpAfrica) campaign against the Department of Water Affairs.

According to Latest Hacking News, the breachers got hold of a treasure trove of data that includes names, emails and ID numbers of over 5 800 government employees. The site also claims that the data includes phone numbers, dates of birth, addresses, departments where people work, job titles, and passwords.

Apparently the hackers used a specific technique to gain access to the website through the administration page. hasn’t been able to verify the data at this stage.

The group has also hacked the Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited (TTCL), recovering a similar cache of data.

The hackers made off with 64 000 TTCL employee records, and included the same kind of info as what was present in the Dept of Water Affairs leak, such as phone numbers, date of birth, addresses, and the departments where people work.