We’ve always enjoyed putting the concept of the collaborative economy to work.   Collaboration works when 1+1 = 3, or the combination of both parties creates something bigger than just the some of their parts.   It works because it allows us to solve old problems with new ways of thinking and models of working.

We are excited to announce the collaboration between GCX Water and Gurumazni.   Gurumanzi’s Dr Turton is a renowned thought leader and problem solver in the field of water, and our teams are working together to develop and implement fit-for-purpose water solutions – from high level corporate risk to on the ground technical solutions – that will deliver maximum advantage in a competitive commercial world under conditions of growing water risk.

We are confident our partnership will go from strength to strength and that we’ll make practical progress in helping South African companies to both manage water risk and become responsible water stewards.

Source: GCX Water partners with Gurumanzi and Dr Anthony Turton – GCX