“Traces of human or animal faeces are present.”

Residents in some parts of Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria have been drinking contaminated water that is unfit for human consumption.

This is according to a report from an independent laboratory who conducted three samples of water tests in that area following a request by the Democratic Alliance in the province.

The community has long been up in arms over the quality of the water, claiming at times its black, has bacteria in it, forms a foam when boiled and some residents alleged the water at times had worms inside.

Last month DA mayoral candidate Solly Msimanga visited the area and demanded the city address the allegations.

Three water samples were subsequently taken in ward 73, 74 and 49.

According to the report, a copy of which the CitiZen is in possession of, water sample from ward 49 exceeded the SANS241 drinking water quality guidelines.

“In terms of the total California, faecal vilified and E.coli counts. The water is contaminated with sewerage and needs to be treated for human and animal use,” the remarks of the one page report read.

Msimanga yesterday returned to the Themba munciple offices to present the results.

He said the report reveled Extremely high levels of Cloriform bacteria, which he said results mainly from rotting plant materials “the acceptable level is less than 10 per 100ml, while the levels currently found in Ward 49’s water is 193;

“High levels of Faecal Cloriform bacteria – which means traces of human or animal faeces are present – the acceptable level is 0 per 100ml, the level in Ward 49’s water is  187;

“High level of E.coli bacteria in the water – which means there is sewage contamination – the acceptable level is 0 per 100ml, the level in Ward 49’s water is 168.”

Msimanga said it was clear the city of Tshwane has tired its back on Hammanskraal residents.

” I call on Executive Mayor Ramokgopa to come clean on this matter and ensure that the municipality immediately intervenes so that residents have access to safe drinking water,” said Msimanga.

The report however further stated water samples from ward 73 and 74 complied with the SANS 241 drinking water quality guideline in terms of the parameters tested.


Source: Hammanskraal residents drinking contaminated water | The Citizen