As a concern community representative of Noordgesig/Diepkloof are in Soweto Johannesburg. We herby kindly inform and request water news assistance regarding the issue of acid mine drainage and storm dust from the mine dumps, into our areas mentioned above.

The toxic mine chemicals that spills into our wetlands and also affected the environment, as a result the effects are visible as it has killed many animals living around the mine dumps.

Problem 2
The other factor is the raw sewer that has also been spilled into the same streams for over twenty years. Where the two spillage intersect, it becomes black in color and give out a rotten stingy smell, whereby it has polluted the air.

Problem 3
When the storm dust from the mine dumps blow over our communities the following health hazards has been identified and analyzed.

The following health hazards has accumulated for the past years, as a result some of the residents has been affected by various disease I.e
Lung Cancer
Miscarriages by woman

The mine company does not want to take the responsibly but shifts the blame to Joburg Water. Our request to your organization is to assist us on testing the water from the affected streams. We also suspect radio active tainted area.

Your assistance will be highly appreciated in this regard.

Herewith are the pics of the affected site.