“If you want to stay in South Africa you had better privatise, or own, your water supply.

”This is according to Ray de Vries CEO of South African based company Water from Air, who said,

“Until now we have been at the mercy of the government to manage our precious water resources and ensure that we have access to drinking water.

”The water resource in South Africa has, until now, been from rain-filled dams and rivers. The alarming situation is that there is very little rain falling, very little water left and in some parts of the country there is already no water at all. Water made from thin air is a game changer according to De Vries.

“There is 9 times more water in the air in all the oceans of the world and is much less polluted than water stored in our dams and rivers.

“We have machines that make water from the air, whether it is for home and office use or to take your home, office or building off the water grid completely” he said.

The machines draw in air, cool it and then sanitize the water from condensation through ultra violet light before passing it through a filtration process – all in one machine.

The company manufactures units and modules in South Africa that can make as much water as is required.

“The smallest unit makes up to 32 litres and our largest one up to 1500 litres per 24 hours. The smallest machine is a phenomenal purification plant that looks similar to a water dispenser found in offices throughout SA.

“We believe it to be a world first that these units are now available from the retail store for home or office use. One can walk into a Hirsch’s store anywhere in the country, buy a machine and have one’s very own pure and plentiful water supply within hours” said De Vries.

The company also delivers the smaller unit door to door anywhere in the country within 72 hours.

“The key to our exploding business is accessibility and back up service as water is crucial to each and every one of us every day.

“This is absolutely vital as we are dealing with the most important need in our lives” he said.South Africa is suffering from the worst drought in generations and the future looks very worrying indeed. The little water we have left is largely polluted and predictions are that we are in a four year drought cycle.

“The ramifications are huge – imagine when there is no drinking water, no water for sanitation and no washing.

“Imagine when restaurants are unable to clean dishes, make tea or coffee, serve drinks from soda fountains, boil food, make a sauce or even soup.

“Imagine a time when there is no water for clinics, hospitals, kidney dialysis or other medical procedures, let alone in all the other areas in our life mentioned where water is critical.”

Source: Privatising of water? | News24