While the country is experiencing a shortage of water, the Tshwane metro is failing to repair burst water pipes at the Mamelodi hostels.

A total of 21 hostel blocks at the Mamelodi hostel and Kingsley hostel had been experiencing water leakages for a very long time.

Hostel dwellers have handed in more than three memoranda complaining about leakages, as well as the appalling living conditions, for three years, but nothing has been done about it.

Some of the hostel blocks do not even have water taps.

Hostel dwellers complain they have to walk quite a distance to fetch water in buckets at other hostel blocks.

Daniel Sello, chairperson of the Mamelodi hostel residents committee, said they have handed in three memoranda to the metro with no response about the situation in the hostels and about burst water pipes.

“Water that flows out of the burst pipes is water they need to use in the toilets, showers and for drinking.

“For more than five years we have had to fetch water from other hostel blocks.

“Water from burst pipes runs past our building. We have even made small man-made bridges in front of our doors to enter or leave our rooms,” said Sello.

“This is unaccountable water wastage by the metro.”

Residents said water runs in front of the hostel rooms from block to block and further on to Sun Valley.

“How can the metro do nothing about a burst pipe? They initially reported the matter to officials of the metro dealing with hostels, but to no avail. They then took the matter to the metro by handing over memoranda, yet there is still no help and South Africa is facing a water crisis,” he concluded. Rekord is still waiting for comment from the metro.

Source: SA water shortage still a problem | Rekord East