The water shortage crises continues to impact on most parts of the country, non-governmental organisation – Operation Hydrate – ┬áhas continued to deliver much needed water to drought-stricken areas.

The NGO announced that Swartruggens in the North West would be the next beneficiary. Forecasters say while it’s anticipated that South Africa will experience lower than normal rainfall this year, the situation could change at any point. Operations Co-ordinator Yaseen Theba urges South Africans to join hands in collecting and distributing water to stricken areas.

“We appeal to co-operate South Africa to join hands with us to collect water, to help us purchase the water. We are asking people to basically respond in three ways, firstly to continue contributing to the purchase of water. As long as we’ve got sufficient funds to purchase, we will ensure that the water gets to the people as quick as possible. Secondly people can help us to come to the areas and help us distribute the water and the third way, we are asking people to continue contributing on social media. We are giving people in these areas a voice,” says Theba.Source: SABC News – South Africans urged to assist drought stricken areas:Monday 18 January 2016