Durban – “Never sold, never bought, never sponsored, only donated by South Africans for South Africans” – this is the motto of Water Shortage South Africa, says spokesperson Ray de Vries.

Water Shortage SA, a spontaneous initiative that sprung up on Facebook, has gained more than 20 000 likes and has already delivered two million litres of water in 20 days, said De Vries.

“The organisation has no formal structure and is fast becoming an international phenomenon. The strength of this movement is that it is about you and me getting water together, forming a convoy and delivering to those in need. It has been enormously successful because of the purity of it.

“There’s no money. The model is not, get a few trucks and just deliver water one time. What we want is for South Africans to help others, but consistently keep helping. This isn’t a once off thing.”

 He said the word was spread via social media, where people could both make an appeal for aid and also respond to calls for assistance.

“What we have is people on Facebook saying, ‘Hey, I have some water to donate’. Then another person says they are passing that area. The leadership has come from people wanting to help. There is no one in charge.”

When asked how those suffering from water shortages in KwaZulu-Natal could be assisted, De Vries said: “They can post that they need help on Facebook. Then we know where it is. That is how this entire thing works.”

Source: Water Shortage SA delivers 2 million litres of water in 20 days | News24