The proposed water tariff increases for 2016/17 is the least infuriating of the lot in tariff increase proposals the City of Johannesburg published in April.

The proposed prices for domestic users per kilolitre will increase with between 6 anbd 14.9 per cent depending on average usage. Things that factored into motivating the increase included raising awareness of water as a scarce resource, deemed consumption not being uniform across Johannesburg, the extended social package and balancing out what users pay against what they use.

Joburg Water in the proposal referred to recent studies which reflect water supply internationally will continue to be under threat, and a real threat in South Africa. Their intention is to “create a culture of controlled consumption”.

A further concern was that deemed consumption charges are not uniform across the board, as metering infrastructure and rehabilitation is lacking. A component of the Soweto Infrastructure Project will be to install water meters for residents to be charged on actual consumption.

In terms of the extended social package, implemented in January 2009, the provision of free basic water to registered indigents will be between 10 and 15kl a month, depending on various criteria.


• >0 to 6kl: Free supply

• >6 to 10kl: 6 per cent up, to R7,21 per kl

• >10 to 15kl: 10 per cent up, to R12,18 per kl

• >15 to 20kl: 11 per cent up, to R17,79 per kl

• >20 to 30kl: 13,9 per cent up, to R24,18 per kl

• >30 to 40kl: 14,3 per cent up to R25,97 per kl

• >40kl: 14,9 per cent up to R32,26 per kl


Source: Water tariff increase proposal released | Roodepoort Record