That’s according to research done by the Water Research Commission (WRC) and Institute for Security Studies Africa (ISS).

A statement following the release of “Parched prospect II: A revised long-term water supply and demand forecasts for South Africa” by ISS researcher Zachary Donnenfeld said: “More must be done to bring the South African water sector into balance and reconcile future national water withdrawals with future national supply.

The paper indicated that “to reconcile water supply and demand South Africa needs to increase its available water supply by nearly 2.5km³ and reduce withdrawals by 0.572.5km³ by 2035.”

“Using the international futures forecasting system‚ the research paper forecasts that withdrawals (water) in all three sectors (municipal‚ industrial and agricultural) will increase over the next 20 years‚” it said.

Source: Water withdrawal to exceed supply for next 20 years – Times LIVE